AYS Relocation easily understood what I was looking for exactly and went stick to the point, avoiding wasting my time.
Since the beginning I felt very comfortable with Ays Relocation. They understood extremely quickly what I was looking for and although my option was not an easy one, they did not try to make me change my mind, they make additional efforts to meet my expectations.
If I had to describe the service in one word, I would say> effectiveness. No time waste at all visiting places I would never live in. All of them, interesting and potential options.
Proactiveness is also a word that comes to my mind. They not only take care of everything, they even put ideas/ solutions on the table you would never thought before.
Also they supported me in other administratives tasks and being a foreigner, it is really worthy and make the difference.
I also feet that I can rely easily on them if in the future I require additional help.
Belen Suquet 
Iberdrola/Scottish Power


" I found the support and guidance by Ays Relocation very professional, caring and at all times personal. It was a challenge to relocate to UK/Scotland but with the support my family and I got from Mrs. Carina Hay then we were never in trouble. The service from Ays Relocation has at all times been excellent!"

 Tommy Olofsen Teekay Shipping