About us

AYS Relocation was established in 1991. We are based in Glasgow with easy reach  to provide a professional and cost effective service over the Central Belt of Scotland, south into Ayrshire and as far north as Perth and Dundee.

With experience of relocating both individuals and families for major companies, such as National Australia Group and Honeywell, AYS Relocation can offer the right package to fit your needs. We have gained a reputation of quality, flexibility and reliability, which are the cornerstones of our business.

The problems facing the individual or family can seem daunting. Finding the right property at the right price is enough of a challenge but added to this are all the worries of moving to a strange environment and finding the right school for the children. These obstacles are the tip of the iceberg.

All these problems make it difficult for an employee to concentrate on the workplace. The time and energy needed to devote to this task are often in short supply, and few organisations can spare already busy personnel to attend to employees in this area. This is where a reliable outside agency can provide a solution.